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Super Chickens

Build your Chickens Empire and earn TRX
Never ending Profits and 15% Referrals

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Chickens in the World




TRX Earned


My Chickens:

Get more chickens and become the king of chickens!

TRX to invest:

You will get - chickens
1000 Chickens = - TRX


- eggs / day

Every chicken produce eggs all the time, forever!


My Eggs:

Eggs are precious, you can exchange them for TRX.

Sell Eggs to Auction:


Scroll down to see
today auction

You own -% of all chickens in the world

Today Auction

Every day a big amount of TRX is distributed among egg producers
Participate in the auction to earn TRX

ends in:


Today TRX pool

This is the amount of TRX to be distributed proportionately among today auction participants.

My eggs for sale

Sell your eggs on auction to participate.
You will earn approximately

All eggs for sale

Total number of eggs for sale in today auction.
Current sale price 1000 eggs:

Tomorrow TRX Pool: - TRX

Withdrawable Profits: - TRX

Withdrawed Profits: - TRX
Referral Profits: - TRX


Every day a big Prize!

Tickets sold today: -
Ticket price: - TRX

Draw In: -:-:-

Today Prize: - Chickens

Buy Tickets

You have - Tickets

Last 10 Winners

Raffle# Wallet Address Ticket # Chickens Prize


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You need to invest at least 50 TRX in order to activate the referral link.

Referral rewards will be transfered to your wallet directly. You do not need to manually withdraw them.

Tier 1 (5%)

- Referrals

Tier 2 (4%)

- Referrals

Tier 3 (3%)

- Referrals

Tier 4 (3%)

- Referrals

My referral rewards: - TRX

TOP 10 Chicken Hodlers

Wallet Address Chickens


About Us

SuperChickens is a decentralized ROI game that is 100% transparent and fair to all players, the smart contract has been audited and will run forever on Tron blockchain. The mechanics of this dapp ensure that funds in the smart contract never ends (unlike other games!), this makes SuperChicken the most safe and profitable game ever created. Chicken price is dynamic and autonomously calculated by smart contract from supply and demand dynamics. Every chicken produces 0.715 eggs per day. Every day 10% of contract funds (in TRX) are distributed in the daily auction. At the same time, every day a raffle drawing is made, and one lucky ticket wins the daily raffle jackpot (an amount of chickens). You can buy more chickens whenever you like and earn more ROI from more eggs. For each deposit, the smart contract gives 15% to referrers, 5% to developer, 5% for marketing and the rest is stored in smart contract for daily auctions distribution. Referral commission is transferred directly to the referrer's account.